Finally, someone posted a FULL video of my CCS graduation last week!

The amazing Lawrence Lee Derks III got a blog, FINALLY! He does a great comic for kids called the Grim Bard. He also did the opening speech.

Audio: Jonsi.Go DO / Kanye West.My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Visual: Troll Hunter


a sigh of relief.

Man, no one tells you how busy you’ll be during your graduation. I hardly even had time to party with my fellow graduates.

I forgot my camera, but my friend Randall got some good photos of the graduation march across town, and aftermath.

My sister bought a long box of comics from some yard sale for me. The highlight inside it was a full run of Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira! She brought me the first two books:

They’re in pretty sweet condition. They’re full color 1988 Mash-Room copies. I’ve only read the black and white re-prints that came out a couple of years ago.

Otomo’s AMAZING at speed lines:

The panels where the dude “screeches” and pulls Takashi around the corner is GREAT! Also, I super like the way he shows that gun firing a bullet in the bottom left panel.

Plus, Otomo sure knows how to draw an explosion!
It’s so liquid and flowing! My eye pretty much flows over it like a real fire.

GREAT stuff. I can’t wait to read the rest of them.

Also, for graduation, my parents got my advisor, Brandon Graham, to draw me this:

Complete with a creepy little CCS baby. I’m too excited.

>phew< I haven't gotten to draw much of anything all week. Friday, I worked for about 3 hours in the morning. I drew the first page of a western comic I'm redrawing from last year. I'm thinking of doing it in full color.

It’ll be nice to have some time to draw again. So, I’ll post them as they come.

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I passed! I was reviewed at school by Michelle Ollie, Jason Lutes, and Alec Longstreth. They had mostly nice things to say. It’s nice having three people you super admire talk about how awesome you are for 18 minutes.
Afterwards, at about 3:00 P.M. I met some fellow comics MASTERS at the bar for some celebratory drinks:
I’m pretty sure everyone at the school passed. That’s never happened at CCS before.
After a few drinks at the dungeon of bar we were in, I had a tiny squirt gun fight with some of the first years (now seniors). Then I went to an official party a the red house at the top of the hill. More drinks were drunk:

Then, I didn’t sleep at my house. That’s why this post didn’t get posted on time. Sorry, boos:

Audio: Broken Social Scene.Broken Social Scene

Visual: n/a

THOR’s day…>cough< i mean Tuesday

Today I had to hang my pages for the CCS senior gallery show. First I had to do a “ton” of math before using all these sweet tools to hang up my art:

Then I had to make sure all the page were level. It sounds pretty easy, but you want to make sure your work is just a ballin as the rest of your class’ stuff:
Next you have to clean your glass up spikity span. It’s wrapped in newsprint paper that we used to clean it to save on waste (being that the school’s in Vermont…the greenest state ever):
Finally, my friend Lawrence held the glass while I hammered tiny nails to hold it up. The display is pretty sick, I think:

Especially lined up with my fellow students Jacob Montgomery, Corey Middleton, Carl Mefferd and Josh Kramer‘s stuff:

So, then, a bunch of us from the school went to see Thor. Man, it was terrible. I’m not sure the lesson Thor learned it the movie. >spoilers< To be nice?

Don't go see it in 3-D. If you can hold out to see it on DVD, do that instead.

Much more tomorrow, I promise.

OH, and I sketched out this page today, for an upcoming re-draw of a mini I did last year. However, now I know WAY more about story telling and how to draw comics. So, I'm going to revisit it:

Audio: Jonsi.Go Do

Visual: Thor

THIS is why people hate mondays

Gah! I had the worst day at work today. We were super busy. Thus, I didn’t really do anything fun today. I din’t take any pictures either. Tomorrow, I plomise.

I did, however draw some new Lincold Franklin pages. Here they are without lettering….so you have NO idea what’s going on:

Audio: Bunny and The Bull OST

Visual: tons of people ordering sandwiches

sunday funday

So this got emptied last night:
What a wonderful end of the year party. Happily sponsored by the red house:

Hanging out with cartoonists AND drinking beers is a dangerous combination. I remember talking a bunch with Beth Hetland and dancing a bit towards the end of the evening. These are the comics I read while in the bathroom:

OH, and I was cutting limes ultra dangerously:

This morning, I woke up to a glorious front yard. The weather is finally beautiful on a day I don’t have work! Spring has Sprung:
I met up with my future housemates at the Polka Dot in “down town” White River Junction.
I was informed that we all went back to Katie’s house after the party. I did not remember any of this. No one was surprised. Then, we all went to Katie’s to watch the first season of The Wire. I finally got to read my buddy Corey Middleton’s Comic, The Farthest Reaches:
It’s a wordless comic about a robot traveling through space, thinking back to when it was still a human. Deep stuff. Deeper than whale poop. That stuff’s on the bottom of the ocean.
Corey’s been living in China all year and is just back for graduation. It’s super awesome to see him!
Upon watching 4 episodes of The Wire, we’re about to make a big pot of spaghetti. We were discussing watching Ponyo, but it doesn’t jive well with the drug dealers vs cops theme we’ve had all day. Until tomorrow, I’ll leave you with this photo of the four of us on Katie’s porch:
Left to right: Nate, Katie, Me, and Dave

Audio: Stars.Five Ghosts

Visual: The Wire.Season 1 / Limitless


So, starting Sunday, I’m going to diary blog about commencement week at CCS. There’s an end of the year party saturday night that I’ll blog about on Sunday, and that will be the start. Brandon did a really awesome week long diary for the comics journal. I’m totally ripping that idea off.

Check back Sunday! Until then, I’ll be listening to this:
AND drawing more Lincoln Franklin pages…energetic ones like these:
these aren’t grey scaled. you’ll have to buy the book to see that. I’m going to compile all three chapters I put together at CCS this year and put it out at Heroes Con in June. After that, It’ll be available on this site, or the newly purchased Sadly, I haven’t gotten around to the web design yet. AFTER this week, I’ll have free time again!

See ya Sunday, hopefully.

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