I’m DONE! Lincoln Franklin: Ghost Hunters 2070 officially has 3 tight chapters!

I’ve never drawn a comic under a microscope before. I had to go back and re-draw about 12 pages. Then towards the end of Chapter 2 I realized I wanted to do the books in greyscale. This added a whole other dimension to the page layouts.

It was super fun to have the feedback of the ever wonderful Brandon Graham. Ultra thanks to him. I highly encourage you, dear reader to buy anything he puts out. He’s a comic book sage!

Here the FINISHED, GREYED first chapter entitled “Easy To Assemble”. There are minor changes to be made, but this is pretty much it.

>phew< So, the text on page 6 will be hand drawn like page 3. Also, I haven't toned all of page 9. Other than those discrepancies, I'm done. Hope you enjoy. I'll be able to have sellable copies of this book after June 1st. Along with chapter 2 (11 pages) and Chapter 3 (18 pages)!

Plus, has been purchased, but I'm not even going to worry about it until after graduation. It should also be up by June first to prepare for Heroes Con.

Audio: Blackalicious.Blazing Arrow / Jonsi.Go Do / Broken Social Scene.Feel Good Lost

Visual: Game of Thrones / Lost.Season 2 / Megamind


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