MoCCA 2011

So, I went to MoCCA this past week-end. It was pretty damned fun. I tabled with my friends Emily and Ryland.I sold about ten Linky Franky comics. I used said money to buy a print by Scott Campbell. Friday and Saturday I hung out with my friend Tom, who let me and the lady stay at his house. We went to a bar around the corner from his apartment with a sweet audio tape covered bathroom.Then, Tom took me to see this band Craft Spells at some bar that had these crumpled paper clouds above the stage. It was pretty freaking awesome!Sunday Emily’s hair was out of control.I sold some more comics, but mostly walked around buying comics. The best two i found were Jesse Lonergan’s Dancing with the Star Wars and Byron Paul Gray’s Pulpo.

Then we gathered up all our things an hour early and went to Grand Central (that’s where Unbreakable worked) to catch out train back home.

I’ve been back for three days and i’m still pretty pooped. I can’t wait to make tiny comics with less important plot lines.

Audio: Craft Spells.Idle Labor / Random and Lost Perception.Black Materia

Visual: Flight of The Conchords / How To Train Your Dragon


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