Devil On Your Shoulder

So, there are 6 people In White River Junction that can text me EVER, and I’ll go drinking with them. They’re the Devils On My Shoulder crew. Sadly, it’s usually ME that’s dragging them out. Recently, I haven’t had time to go drinking. Being that I missed them all so much, I drew some fan art of them.

Left to right is Caitlin Mcgurk, hottest librarian you’re ever going to meet! We became fast friends. Then, Emily Sauter, resident beer expert. I only ever drink pabst, but she’s drank hundreds of beers. She’s prolly my best lady-friend at school. Then Dave W. Few people in this world inspire the madness Dave instills in me. He’s obviously my best bud this year. In the middle with his back turned is Andy Warner, smoothest dude in White River. He’s the wild card in this crew. He just appears while we’re chilling sometimes, like some secret character in a 90 video game. Then Me. I’m my own worst enemy. Next to me is my BEST enemy, Katie Moody. She hardly has any time to hang out. When she does, though, i’m positive the lights dim a little when she walks in. AND finally, Sam Plester. British made, American approved. I try and fail constantly to out drink him. Impossible.

ANYWAY, Emily made a comic about me and Dave and Katie, here.

more soon, hopefully.

Audio: Dog Is Dead.Glockenspiel Song / Stars.The Five Ghosts

Visual: Black Swan / The Green Hornet / Battle: LA


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