out Liz Princing Liz Prince!

apologies to liz prince. i’m a fairly big fan.

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under pressure

We have less than 60 days left of senior year at CCS! I’m feeling the pressure. I’m pouring all of my energy into Lincoln Franklin stuff. Monty and I are talking about doing a website.

Recently, I hung out with my friends Dave and Andy. It’s all explained here:

Everything in this completely happened. After I showed it to a bunch of people, they asked what would happen next. So, I spent the next day making up this next part, where we beat up Nate.

I found this grey brush pen when I was cleaning up my room. I’ve been implementing them in diary-ish comics. I did this one before I found it.


In order to figure out where best to grey things, I’ve been looking through Scott Pilgrim Book 6. Then, upon reading it a bunch, I had to do some Envy Adams fan art. The girl who played her in the movie wasn’t nearly as hot as Envy is in the books.

I colored it with the sweeeeet cintiq in the lab. I need to use that thing more often.
So, yeah, more stuff soon.

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