Feburary 2011

So, my friend Andy Warner has survived, like, 3 car crashes in his life. His most recent one was in January. He hit some black ice, coming home from winter break, and destroyed his car. He tells me that if anyone else was in the car, they’d be dead. Being that the cars keep failing at taking him to the next life, I thought i’d offer some ways to off him. 

With 28 days in February, I’m going to off Andy alphabetically. I’m not saying I’m going to post every letter, but here’s “A”.

Just to give you some idea of what I’m going for. Post script, I’ve run this by him and he loves the idea. When I’m done I’ll collect them into a tiny, hand bound booklet. 

Also, a huge blizzard is supposed to hit new england today. I walked to town extra early to avoid the onslaught. I drew this:

Audio: Nicki Minaj.Pink Friday / Gorillaz.The Fall

Visual: Californication.Season 3 / Due Date


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