negative 18 outside

Sunday night I stood outside in -18 degree weather, because I never had. This winter is a true-to-the-game Vermont winter. Last year at this time I was wearing hooded sweatshirts. Monday morning I word long underwear, sweatpants, AND regular pants! It’s cold outside. But, it’s still warm in our hearts.

I just finished the first installment of my half of the Lincoln/Franklin: Ghost Hunters project. I may go back and take out 5 of the 12 pages and add in new ones to make it a better story. Cut the fat, if you will. Here is a drawing I did of Goodnight Stars, the main antagonist (other than the ghosts):

I didn’t clean the page up too much. Mostly because of the note at the bottom, said by Alec Longstreth. Also, the gloves that Goodnight Stars and Agent Moon wear have been getting ridiculous! Monty drew one the other day that dragged on the ground. I’ve been drawing them slightly smaller than this one. I’m going to start production on this chapter this week, for my book club members. 

Issue one will have a color cover and probably 4 pages of sketches stuff in the back. It’ll maybe have a bit of an explanation and other goodies, to fill out some more pages. The final draft of issue one will be drawn after my critique session next Tuesday.

I am also debating even doing my “main” thesis project anymore. The Lincoln/Franklin stuff is way easier. Probably because it’s less serious, so it’s easier to write. I’ll probably flip my schedule concerning pages, working on 4 L/F pages a week and maybe 1 or 2 of the larger story (working titled “Where Gods Lie).

My advisor, Brandon Graham is still kicking ass. He’s been a super inspiration, being that i finished re-reading both his books, King City and Multiple Warheads. This time through, I’ve taken my time. Paying more attention to plot building, panel layouts, and inking tricks. Obviously, upon completing King City, I did some fan art:

I also finished Scud: The Disposable Assassin, The Whole Shebang! It was nice to read the story as a whole, instead of every other 3rd issue. The new ending was good, and I enjoyed the side story of Drywall’s origin. I never thought I’d get to read the whole story. Again, I obviously had to do some fan art:

Audio: Tool.10,000 Days / Big Boi.Sir Lucious Left Foot…The Son of Chico Dusty

Visual: Deadwood.Season 2 / Angus / Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo:HD Remix


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