my last day as a 20-year-old!

Gosh, i’ve actually been busy as of late. Ususally when i type that i’ve been busy, it’s me being “busy” socializing. weak, i know.

My CCS experience is almost over?! It’s almost 3/4 done. Also, weak.

I’ve been working on my main thesis comic, tentatively titled “Where Gods Lie”. I’ve done about 20 pages out of about 100. It started driving me a bit crazy, so i switched gears and started working on my Lincoln/Franklin comic. Here’s a taste, so that i’m posting comics…on my comics blog:

They are pretty tiny files. I can’t be posting high res stuff. Then you could just print it out and make your own comic.

Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. If you want to send me money, go for it. Or…OR sign up for my book club. I get money…you get comics…sounds like a win win.

Audio: Girl Talk.All Day / Kanye West.My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy / Tron:LegacyOST

Visual: Easy A / The Walking Dead (tv) / Pirate Radio