Beefsteak Calendars!

So, a bunch of the ladies at CCS drew each other in a calendar titled Peepshow. Then, my friend Josh Kramer got the CCS dudes together to do a BeefSteak calendar. We managed to wrangle 22 guys and 2 girls so each month has TWO artists drawing each other. The artists were divvied out randomly. Luckily, I got to draw Pat Barrett and vice versa. Pat is the Harry Potter of our class, in my opinion.

So, being February, we chose President’s Day to sexify! Black history month was a close second. We drew each other writing our John Handcocks on a bill. I did the background and Pat colored. This is exactly what the room would look like:















So, yes, that happened. Once you see it, you can’t UNsee it.












If you want a copy, you should sign up for my book club. Or, I guess email me and we can discuss how to get you a copy for 6 dollars.


Audio: The Builders and The Butchers.Salvation Is A Deep Dark Well / Ratatat.LP3

Visual: Scott Pilgrim vs The World / The Social Network