Book Club 2010

It’s time to get these books I’ve been working on OUT to the public.

For those of you who signed up last year, I still owe you my mini thesis comic, Tiny Vikings! I’ll drop those in the snail mail SUPER soon. If you enjoyed reading all of them from last year, you should OBVIOUSLY sign up this year. This year’s going to be AMAZING

Every month, starting in October, I’ll be sending out at LEAST a 20 page comic detailing the adventures of Abe Lincoln and Ben Franklin as Ghost hunters in 2070. It’s a co-production with my friend Monty

I’m also working on my own thesis project with my advisor, Brandon Graham. It’s going to be epic. I’m thinking it’ll be ten 16 page issues. That may expand as I go (in fact, it probably will). Brandon is a comic book genius! I expect this years comics to make last year’s look like they were drawn by tiny children.

I’ll also send off little extra goodies, as well.

Sign up through my paypal account by clicking the “buy now” button I made. I’ll send you things IMMEDIATELY!

Audio: Saves The Day.Through Being Cool / Broken Social Scene.Feel Good Lost

Visual: The Prestige / 1408


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