School’s back in sesh

School is back in full swing. We’ve already been assigned homework. I’m drawing consistently. I’ve been embarrassed by things I said at the bar.


Life is normal again.

Here’s a comic I  drew “for” my friend Emily, as a guest comic for her website:

Her comic about douche bags vs. assholes is amazing. I can’t wait for issue two. look for them this fall.

I need to get my book club up and running. It’s going to be amazing this year. At LEAST one book a month. If you signed up last year, get ready to re-up your subscription. If you’re new, just remember I have BRANDON GRAHAM as my advisor, so things will be 110% rocking-er!

Monty and I are working on Lincoln/Franklin pretty diligently . A page a day, and the ideas are flowing like wine. Here’s a doodle of Goodnight Stars I did as a warm up:

Hope you’re doing as good as I am.

Audio: Between The Buried and Me.The Great Misdirect / Yeasayer.Odd Blood

Visual: How I Met Your Mother.Season 5 / My Neighbor Totoro


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