oodles of doodles

I just doodled some stuff the other day in class. The blurred out stuff is super secret THESIS stuff! If you wanna see it, sign up for my book club and you’ll be introduced to them in the third book, i think. Prolly in January.


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Visual: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep


Book Club 2010

It’s time to get these books I’ve been working on OUT to the public.

For those of you who signed up last year, I still owe you my mini thesis comic, Tiny Vikings! I’ll drop those in the snail mail SUPER soon. If you enjoyed reading all of them from last year, you should OBVIOUSLY sign up this year. This year’s going to be AMAZING

Every month, starting in October, I’ll be sending out at LEAST a 20 page comic detailing the adventures of Abe Lincoln and Ben Franklin as Ghost hunters in 2070. It’s a co-production with my friend Monty

I’m also working on my own thesis project with my advisor, Brandon Graham. It’s going to be epic. I’m thinking it’ll be ten 16 page issues. That may expand as I go (in fact, it probably will). Brandon is a comic book genius! I expect this years comics to make last year’s look like they were drawn by tiny children.

I’ll also send off little extra goodies, as well.

Sign up through my paypal account by clicking the “buy now” button I made. I’ll send you things IMMEDIATELY!

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Visual: The Prestige / 1408

one week in (year 2)

I’ve now had all the classes year two has to offer. It’s going to be a GREAT year. I can feel it in the air. 

(Jason) Lutes had us write down our dreams from the last week. In class we had to take an image that stuck out and write down a feeling from another dream. The image was the cover for a comic, and the feeling was the title. Here’s mine:

P.S. that dream was a musical. It was pretty rad.

Today, Kate Beaton gave a talk for our visiting artists class. She was awesome! Monty and I penciled a panel each of a jam comic, as she spoke. Then we inked each other’s stuff. It was super fun. I think the opposite inking turned out REALLY good:

I’m doing the lettering, and Monty’s going to color it. I’ll post that when he does so.

On a sad note, someone stole my bicycle tonight. It’s raining, so I have to walk home. On a happier note, when I get home, I get to play Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Lawrence let me borrow it. Thanks Law Dawg.

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Visual: True Blood.Season 3 / Assassins Creed

School’s back in sesh

School is back in full swing. We’ve already been assigned homework. I’m drawing consistently. I’ve been embarrassed by things I said at the bar.


Life is normal again.

Here’s a comic I  drew “for” my friend Emily, as a guest comic for her website:

Her comic about douche bags vs. assholes is amazing. I can’t wait for issue two. look for them this fall.

I need to get my book club up and running. It’s going to be amazing this year. At LEAST one book a month. If you signed up last year, get ready to re-up your subscription. If you’re new, just remember I have BRANDON GRAHAM as my advisor, so things will be 110% rocking-er!

Monty and I are working on Lincoln/Franklin pretty diligently . A page a day, and the ideas are flowing like wine. Here’s a doodle of Goodnight Stars I did as a warm up:

Hope you’re doing as good as I am.

Audio: Between The Buried and Me.The Great Misdirect / Yeasayer.Odd Blood

Visual: How I Met Your Mother.Season 5 / My Neighbor Totoro


just finished Year 2 orientation! It was super awesome to have the whole class in one room together. I hadn’t seen some people since last semester. The vibe in the room was buzzing.

>sigh< no artwork to post though. I plomise i’ll do it on Sunday. I’m going to a draw / videogame sesh right now.

Audio: Gorillaz.Demon Days / Outkast.Idlewild

Visual: Fling / Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of The Sith / A Serbian Film