James Sturm

I have to start by saying, I made up everything James Strum says in this comic. Well, pretty much everything. A conversation like this kind of happened. Whatever, comics don’t HAVE to be 100% true, do they? I just don’t want you, my dear reader, to think James Sturm throws temper tantrums. He’s in the top 5 nicest instructors at CCS:

I bought a 22″ flat screen television yesterday. Pretty much just to play video games on. It’s the same size as my bulky television. It just seems teeny tiny. It sure makes Fable 2 look nice though. I also started playing Metal Gear Solid 3 again. I realized I’ve never played it with glasses before. Previously, Everyone was more blurry than the already blurry graphics. It’s my favorite MGS game though. I heart the camouflage and food and medical options. They make it seem more RPG-ish.

Since I botched this comic SO bad last time, I’m reposting with grey-scale! (and I re-lettered, so the dialog might be a little different)

Expect more comics soon. As the school year is approaching, I’m feeling more and more like drawing. It’s an exciting time.

Audio: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World OST (on repeat)

Visual: 28 Days Later / Metal Gear Solid 3 / Fable 2


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  1. Great grays, bad font.

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