Busy Week

Work is kicking my butt. I’m working, like, 47 hours this week. It’ll all be worth it when I receive my paycheck, sure. Right now, I’m just tired. 

This is my excuse for not posting on Friday. I might just start posting on Sundays. It’s the only day I’m guaranteed to get off work by 2. Well, Saturdays too, but that’s reserved for rocking.

Anyway, here’s a comic about my roommate, Cat and I:

I took me forever to remember that dude’s first name. Commander Sisko hit me after about 5 minutes. DS9 was SO good when I was in high school!

A month ago, me and Monty watched Sliders, on netflix. Oh, man, it was bad. I did not think it was as cool as I did when I was younger.

Also, bonus ninja comic!

I’ve been reading the movie novelization of Mortal Kombat. I know, right. My friend Emily gave it to me. I thought of this comic while reading it. It includes two characters I drew a few comics ago. Nameless ninja dudes. Maybe I’ll have them on more adventures in the future.

Audio: Architecture In Helsinki.In Case We Die / Radiohead.I Might Be Wrong

Visual: How I Met Your Mother.Season 2 / Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey



  1. Oh, and I JUST noticed there’s a typo in the ninja comic. I’ll just chalk it up to asian dudes trying to speak american.

    • GAH! and ANOTHER ONE…in the second panel. i’ll rescan this and fix it. that’s what i get for NOT hand lettering.

  2. Sliders!

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