James Sturm

I have to start by saying, I made up everything James Strum says in this comic. Well, pretty much everything. A conversation like this kind of happened. Whatever, comics don’t HAVE to be 100% true, do they? I just don’t want you, my dear reader, to think James Sturm throws temper tantrums. He’s in the top 5 nicest instructors at CCS:

I bought a 22″ flat screen television yesterday. Pretty much just to play video games on. It’s the same size as my bulky television. It just seems teeny tiny. It sure makes Fable 2 look nice though. I also started playing Metal Gear Solid 3 again. I realized I’ve never played it with glasses before. Previously, Everyone was more blurry than the already blurry graphics. It’s my favorite MGS game though. I heart the camouflage and food and medical options. They make it seem more RPG-ish.

Since I botched this comic SO bad last time, I’m reposting with grey-scale! (and I re-lettered, so the dialog might be a little different)

Expect more comics soon. As the school year is approaching, I’m feeling more and more like drawing. It’s an exciting time.

Audio: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World OST (on repeat)

Visual: 28 Days Later / Metal Gear Solid 3 / Fable 2


Thesis Advisor!!!

I got my number one pick for thesis advisors for my senior year at CCS! I’m super excited. Brandon Graham is his name, and his comics could probably take your comics in a fight. I did a bit of fan art of his character Sexica, I’m so stoked:

Life is good.

Audio: The Protomen.Act II: The Father of Death / BoySetsFire.The Day The Sun Went Out

Visual: Super Jail / Lost.Season 6

party times in White River Junction

Between work and sleep, I’ve been partying a lot more than i should. I hardly find the time to draw anymore. Today was the first day I’ve had off from work that I wasn’t hung over. So, I scanned and cleaned up this comic:

Ben looks WAY cooler than that in real life. He’s hard to draw, being that he’s SO attractive. Oh…and Beth too. 

What else have I been up to?

The Scott Pilgrim movie was amazing. I saw Inception the week before and they’re BOTH better than any other movies this year so far, that I can think of. I saw Scott Pilgrim two times in 24 hours. The first time I was mostly paying attention to what was and wasn’t from the book. I super liked it, though. I’d go see it again.

I can’t wait for Monty to get back so we can start drawing “Lincoln/Franklin, Ghost Hunters” again. I drew this in anticipation:

I spent two and a half episodes of Lost, Season 6, coloring it. I need to color more stuff. I’ve forgotten how fun it is.

I should be getting internet at my house soon. Then I’ll post more often, probably.

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Visual: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World / Inception / Y.P.F. / Lost.Season 6

Busy Week

Work is kicking my butt. I’m working, like, 47 hours this week. It’ll all be worth it when I receive my paycheck, sure. Right now, I’m just tired. 

This is my excuse for not posting on Friday. I might just start posting on Sundays. It’s the only day I’m guaranteed to get off work by 2. Well, Saturdays too, but that’s reserved for rocking.

Anyway, here’s a comic about my roommate, Cat and I:

I took me forever to remember that dude’s first name. Commander Sisko hit me after about 5 minutes. DS9 was SO good when I was in high school!

A month ago, me and Monty watched Sliders, on netflix. Oh, man, it was bad. I did not think it was as cool as I did when I was younger.

Also, bonus ninja comic!

I’ve been reading the movie novelization of Mortal Kombat. I know, right. My friend Emily gave it to me. I thought of this comic while reading it. It includes two characters I drew a few comics ago. Nameless ninja dudes. Maybe I’ll have them on more adventures in the future.

Audio: Architecture In Helsinki.In Case We Die / Radiohead.I Might Be Wrong

Visual: How I Met Your Mother.Season 2 / Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey