Back home

I’ve been in White River for a week. Things quickly settled. Living with Cat is pretty boss. I put the Xbox in the living room, so I’m a bit more social.

Our internet connection is super weak. We can only get on every once and a while. Perhaps after I get a job, we can pay for a better connection.

I’ve mostly been doodling all week. Monty and I are working on something together. If you don’t go to school here or didn’t hang out with us in Charleston, then it’s a secret project. It gave us a chance to use our 24 hour comic creation, Goodnight Moon.

Here are some doodles of her I made this week:

hammering out costume design

More on that comic when Monty returns. 

I’ve been thinking up an ongoing comic for a few months. One where I can put a character into situations and try to get him out of them. I try not to think of the plot TOO far ahead. That’s the fun, making it up as I go. Right now I’m prolly going to call it “This is Howie Do-it”.

Here’s what I’m thinking he might look like:

his bandana and scarf will be blue...maybe..or yellow.

So yeah. Some projects forming. It’s mostly been nice seeing my school chums. I can’t wait for the next school year to start!

Also, I’m going to start posting a diary comic every Friday. Starting this past Friday. Deadline number one: missed!

But here’s what I did (sorry it’s late):


OH, and my friend Emily has been doing this AWESOME comic about beer: Pints and Panels. You should OBVIOUSLY read it.

Audio: Yeasayer.Odd Blood / Tokyo Police Club.Champion

Visual: Spartacus, Blood And Sand.Season One / Mass Effect


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  1. I see a hand that for once doesn’t look like a sleeve of steak fries.

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