I promised myself i’d post every Friday. Then I got a job. Then my job gave me two days off in a row (Thursday and Friday).  Then I was hung over for two days. Shaky hands and inking don’t go hand in hand. 

SO, this was going to be my Friday post. I’ll post another one on THIS Friday. ‘Cause I know you care SO much.

Also, since I posted nothing last week, I’ll post a sneaky peek at the NEXT one….just some sketches of my roommate Cat:

Also, my friend Monty and I are working on the Lincoln Franklin: Ghost Hunters comic. At least, I am. I challenged him to top the awesomeness of this pin-up. If he can pull that off, I have ideas for one to top him.

This picture is kind of full of a LOT of spoilers for ideas we have for the comic. They’re still ideas though, who knows if they’ll make it into the book (or webcomic). I mostly like the two different colored stocking Agent Moon is wearing. I’ll clean it up, and add more colors later, prolly.

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Visual: Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour / Avatar: The Last Airbender.Season 3 / Lost.Season 5



I moves to Vermont for the snow. Well, I moved for the comic book school. However, it’s supposed to be cool, colder. If I wanted face melting sweat, I’d have stayed in Charleston. 

Side note, it’s HOT in White River.

So, I drew a comic about it:

>gah< it’s hot.

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Visual: Shutter Island / 44 Inch Chest

Back home

I’ve been in White River for a week. Things quickly settled. Living with Cat is pretty boss. I put the Xbox in the living room, so I’m a bit more social.

Our internet connection is super weak. We can only get on every once and a while. Perhaps after I get a job, we can pay for a better connection.

I’ve mostly been doodling all week. Monty and I are working on something together. If you don’t go to school here or didn’t hang out with us in Charleston, then it’s a secret project. It gave us a chance to use our 24 hour comic creation, Goodnight Moon.

Here are some doodles of her I made this week:

hammering out costume design

More on that comic when Monty returns. 

I’ve been thinking up an ongoing comic for a few months. One where I can put a character into situations and try to get him out of them. I try not to think of the plot TOO far ahead. That’s the fun, making it up as I go. Right now I’m prolly going to call it “This is Howie Do-it”.

Here’s what I’m thinking he might look like:

his bandana and scarf will be blue...maybe..or yellow.

So yeah. Some projects forming. It’s mostly been nice seeing my school chums. I can’t wait for the next school year to start!

Also, I’m going to start posting a diary comic every Friday. Starting this past Friday. Deadline number one: missed!

But here’s what I did (sorry it’s late):


OH, and my friend Emily has been doing this AWESOME comic about beer: Pints and Panels. You should OBVIOUSLY read it.

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