lack of posts

When I’m in Charleston, I spend a lot of time NOT at home. I also don’t draw a lot of comics. Sad, I know.

Saturday night, however, I will be back in White River Junction! The comics shall flow like water. The fun shall ooze like wine. The booze will dribble like molassas (being that I’ll be poor for a bit).

I can’t wait. The three day, 1088.16 mile, drive up there will NOT be so fun. Mostly because I’ll be car tripping ALONE this time. No Monty.

My parents have loaded me down with exrta knick knacks for my new apartment. I’ll post pictures and such next week. I’ll also update weekly, starting in July.

Stay Strong

Audio: Discovery.EP / The Decemberist.Picaresque

Visual: Lie To Me.Season 1 / Aeon Flux / Splice