a LOT of nothing

I realized I haven’t blogged in a while. It’s because both, nothing and tons of things have been going on.

Me and some fellow students have been playing Heroes Quest. It’s like Dungeons and Dragons, but for 8-year-olds. Thus, it’s perfect for comic book nerds. I mention this because we’re drawing or exploits into comics. I’ll post these soon-ish.

Also, I started an exquisite corpse of sorts. I drew five pages of a zombie comic and then gave it to someone else, and they’ll pass it on and so on. Hopefully, it will be done by the end of the semester. I’ll post something along those lines too.

So, basically, I’m blogging to say I have nothing to blog about. Art wise at least. I did, however go to a rocking Pieces party last weekend. It was a dress up party:

I look Hobbity

from Left to Right: Meff!, The Law, Pat Barrett, Me, and Jon Fine

Oh, and I found all the pages to my 24 hour comic, so I’ll probably make some sort of book out of that. I’ll most likely send it to my book club patrons. So sign up for that to glimpse ideas made up after 9 hours of straight comic booking. The craziest ideas come into your brain at 4 am, like sharkodactyls, and squizzards!

Audio: Gorillaz.Plastic Beach / Stars.In Our Bedroom After the War

Visual:Bioshock / Gentlemen Broncos / Secret of the Kells


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