last week

i’m pretty beat after the last week-end. FRIDAY i attended a secret superhero party. The toonies were rocking in full effect! for some reason i didn’t bring my digital camera. There was an epic dance party.
SATURDAY a bunch of us went to funspot in New Hampshire. America’s largest video arcade. Playing video games for 6 hours straight really wipes you out. Then Monty and Max and I got lost on the ride home. It was only 45 minutes.
SUNDAY was for rest. My legs hurt from all the arcade standing. So I spent most of the day in bed, watching movies.
I know, the EXCITING life of a cartoonist.
Oh, and here’s some art:

The A.C. Slater

Transformers,1800's Transformers,Jesse Mead

Jesse Mead,Ample artwork,giant stone heads

Audio: Yeasayer.Odd Blood / Barcelona. Absolutes
Visual: The Dark Crystal / Battlestar Galactica / The Wire.Season 2



  1. so um…this last one is awesome! the first one i’ve heard you say so many times i was expecting it and the second one i’ve seen before. they’re still cool. but this last one is new to me and i love it. xoxo.

  2. woah woah woah… no blog love for me? wtf man. w.t.f.

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