There’s this small publisher banneryearpress that’s putting out a book called BEARFIGHT!

This is my effort :

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a quick post

I’ve come to realize, valentines day is for people who DON’T have a partner. It’s just there to make you realize no one thinks you’re awesome. If you’re IN a relationship, you tell each other how much you like one another ALL the time…so why have a “holiday” for that?

Oh, and I drew this little ninja comic strip:

this was funnier when i was drunk

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Visual:The Wire.Season 2 & 3 /  Battlestar Galactica.Season 2 /The Girl Next Door

Lady Killers

So in two weeks, me and 5 classmates created a full color 32 page comic book!

A 1952 “golden age” crime comic. I drew one titled “Baby Faced Beast” that Tom Casteel inked and colored. It was written by Josh Kramer.

Josh also scripted “Bloody Belle”. Tom drew it beautifully. It was the first time I’d inked someone else’s pages. I also did color. Most sleepless two days of my school career.

Nomi Kane, Andy Christensen, and Carl Mefferd also worked on AMAZING comics. You can find them on their blogs.

Oh, and each story was edited and contains drawings by Stephen R Bissette. Google him. I almost promise you’ve come across his work at some point in your life.

Check out pages from “Bloody Belle”:

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Visual: Battlestar Galactica.S02

Just some random sketches from my sketch book. Warning! Some images are +18…

BORING week-end.

My parents are having their ANNUAL oyster roast this weekend, so i’m a bit homesick.

Plus it snowed in Charleston, which hasn’t happened in like 10 years. All the cool stuff happens when I don’t live there.

random sketchesrandom sketchesrandom sketches

Audio: Suburban Kids With Biblical Names.#3 / Yeasayer.Odd Blood

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last week

i’m pretty beat after the last week-end. FRIDAY i attended a secret superhero party. The toonies were rocking in full effect! for some reason i didn’t bring my digital camera. There was an epic dance party.
SATURDAY a bunch of us went to funspot in New Hampshire. America’s largest video arcade. Playing video games for 6 hours straight really wipes you out. Then Monty and Max and I got lost on the ride home. It was only 45 minutes.
SUNDAY was for rest. My legs hurt from all the arcade standing. So I spent most of the day in bed, watching movies.
I know, the EXCITING life of a cartoonist.
Oh, and here’s some art:

The A.C. Slater

Transformers,1800's Transformers,Jesse Mead

Jesse Mead,Ample artwork,giant stone heads

Audio: Yeasayer.Odd Blood / Barcelona. Absolutes
Visual: The Dark Crystal / Battlestar Galactica / The Wire.Season 2