the decemberists

Sunday I went to see the Decemberist in Burlington. I went with Jen and her boyfriend Morgan. Sam and Christine went too. Well, I guess they all went, and I tagged along. We dorked it out about the Daredevil movie and such.
One of the girls who sings on Hazards of Love, wasn’t going to make it to the show in time, so they did NOT play HoL all the way through. They played more of a “grab-bag” of songs consisting of:
Crane Wife, Pt 3
The Island-Come and See, The Landlords Daughter, You’ll Not Fell the Drowning
July, July
Engine Driver
The Bus Mall
The Rakes Song
The Wanting Comes In Waves/Repaid
Apology Song
16 Military Wives
The Gymnast, High Above the Ground
Yankee Bayonet
The Bachelor and The Bride
Queens Rebuke/The Crossing/Annan Water
Dracula’s Daughter (a.k.a. the worst song colin claims to have ever written)
O’ Valencia
Crazy On You (Heart cover)
-A New Song
-Son’s And Daughters

The last two were encore songs. It was amazing. They even mentioned James Kolchaka Superstar, who spoke at the school last Thursday.

audio:The Protomen.Act II:The Father Of Death / Animal Collective.Merriweather Post Pavilion
visual:Funny People / Inglorious Basterds


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