The weeks go by like comets

Wow, i’ve been doing SO much stuff, I’ve forgotten to blog.
Cartoon studio class on Thursday was probably my favorite. I don’t think I’ve laughed as hard in a class ever. We were broken up into teams by table and given phrases to draw. Three minutes to brainstorm and one minute to draw. I got “Lonely Han Solo walking down the beach”. He was frozen in carbonite and dreaming of Chewbacca. With the Death Star was setting in the background, instead of the sun.
Alec Longstreth tells us that inking will cramp up your hand if you do it too long. His advice is to go buy a bottle of wine with a plastic cork. Drink the bottle. Pull out your power drill and drill a hole in it long ways. Slip you’re brush through and it doesn’t cram your hand as much. GREAT advice, what with the drinking and power tools.
Then Friday I helped stuff some bags for a festival they had on Saturday. Did some homework.
The pub next door was having some promo where I won an Otter Creek hat, tshirt, and glass. I then got into a discussion with a second year about Watchmen and 300. Then I met some kids from the theater company.
Saturday it rained during the festival. I spent 40 bucks on local comics. Hung out and went to karaoke night. Comic kids slash theater kids slash festival people equals fun.
Sunday was lazy.
The Decemberists are playing this Sunday. I’m riding up with some kids. That’ll be fun.

audio: Matt Pond PA.Several Arrows Later / Bright Eyes.I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning
visual: 300 / Hellboy II / The Mighty Boosh S1


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