I woke up with a start this morning, thinking I hadn’t set my alarm and I’d be late for orientation. Turns out I had.
They school schedule said orientation started at 9. They are liars, it started at 10. I suppose they just wanted everyone there on time.
I met some of the staff. Alec Longstreth shaved his head when he started his graphic novel. He now has to tie his bear up under itself. It’s pretty jawsome.
We each had to stand up and say our name, where we’re from, why CCS, and what we had for dinner last night. I said I was born and raised in Charleston, SC. Why CCS? SCAD’s a bit overpriced and the Joe Kubrick school seems snoody. Laughs all around.
32 kids, seven of which are girls.
The fellow this year is a dude named Max. He’s from France. There’s a girl from Trinidad named Lauren, and a dude from Australia. I didn’t meet him today though. There’s another boy named Jesse. He was wearing a sweet Portal shirt. He wants to organize a videogame club. He owns golden eye.
Pizza for lunch provided by the school.
Then we saw the production lab. It’s amazing. I’ll have to take some pictures to show off.
Then the fire marshall came by and gave us some tips. Something he talked about that I never would have thought of is if you call 911, be sure to say “I’m in White River Junction VERMONT”.
Being that we are so close the the border, the call might get routed to New Hampshire. Good to know.
We were also given three free trips to see the school counselor. She told us that in the middle of winter, when it’s pouring snow and you haven’t seen the sun in three weeks, you’re going to get depressed. I can’t wait.
Sushi and an avocado for dinner.

audio:Animal Collective.Merriweather Post Pavillion / Aquabats.Myths Legends and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2
visual:Bioshock / Blow


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