Charleston to White River Junction in a week.

Wednesday, August 28th, I left Charleston and drove to Asheville to visit my sister Mica. We went to see Ponyo. It was the JAM! The theme song is INFECTIOUS! Sadly, the two main characters are voiced by Noah Cyrus and Frankie Jonas. They, like Ashley Simpson, are only famous because of their OLDER siblings. It’s sad really.
So then the next day, Mica’s roommate Sarah came home with this crazy story involving her ex-boyfriend…and HIS ex-girlfriend..and a broken into house…and all sorts of crazy business. I’ll have to remember to call Mica and find out what ever happened with that. We had a spaghetti dinner and I learned how to play “spoons”. Fun was had.
Friday, the 28th, I drove to Washington DC to visit Taylor Jenkins and his wife, Chandi Kelly. I think it’s funny she didn’t change her last name…like she doesn’t want strangers to know she’s related to that goof. I missed a turn in the city and ended up in Virginia again. However, taking random turns here and there, I reset myself and made it to his house. Upon arrival we walked to bar down the street and drank 4 pitchers (10 dollars each). Back at their house, we continued to drink some PBRs. I recorded a SUPER drunk Taylor attempting to play FFVII’s Aeris’ Theme on guitar. Every time he would screw it up, he’d just start over. i’ll figure out how to share it…
Saturday I woke up pretty hung over. Taylor and Chandi had to work, so I spent the day watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.
I’m trying to remember what we did that night. I’m pretty sure we just watched episodes of It’s Always Sunny that they hadn’t seen. We ate at a SWEET bar with fake dungeon walls.
Taylor had to work on Sunday, so Chandi and I went to Brunch. Bottomless mamosas were 13 dollars, so we figured if we had 7, we’d break even. We were fairly drunk after four. They even made mine with cranberry instead of OJ.
Chandi and I watched “I Love You, Man”. Taylor showed up an hour early from work and we went to see PONYO (again for me)! In the movie they eat ramen noodle soup with HAAAAAAM! After the movie we were all craving ramen, so we bought some. Dhiandra called around nine. She came by their house and we hung out until like 1.
Monday I drove to Conneticut to visit my grandfather. I drove through New York City to avoid tolls. Breeding Chocobos in FFVII is easier than navigating that shit storm. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I only got lost once. Whoever designed DC, was drunk. NY seemed that all the roads lead to the same end.
By the time I got to Grandpa’s, I was exhausted. I basically ate and fell asleep. It DID take 8 hours.
Tuesday I drove to White River Junction.
Check in time to my room wasn’t until 4, so I aimlessly walked into New Hampshire. It’s just a short bridge walk away. Found the comic book store, bought some books. On the walk home, there was a squash on a box with a sign next to it proclaiming “free”.
I also saw a dude on a harley wearing a VIKING HELMET! Oh, and there’s no tax in NH! sweeeeeet.

audio:Animal Collective.Merriweather Post Pavilion / Matt Pond Pa.Several Arrows Later
visual:Avatar:The Last Airbender / Ponyo


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  1. I added you to my blogroll… you’re welcome.


    We had a lot of fun having you here… to my surprise.

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